IsaacGym Data Collection

Motion-planned manipulation behaviors using MoveIt and IsaacGym to collect data for learning algorithms.

Region Selector for Pointcloud Segmentation

Tool for rviz that enables user to select the region over which pointcloud segmentation will be performed.

Robot Control in Gazebo

Robot control framework for simulations in Gazebo. Designed to be extensible for easily adding new controllers. Works in conjunction with my robot interface package to decouple the controllers from any particular robot.

Robot Interface

Abstraction layer for controlling robots in a unified manner while accounting for robot platform-specific needs.

Real-Time Robot Control

Real-time Orocos controllers for the KUKA LBR4+ robot. Includes a controller switching framework for safely swapping controllers at runtime, and a simulated FRI component that allows Orocos components to be tested Gazebo.

ReFlex TakkTile in Gazebo Simulation

An actuated version of the ReFlex TakkTile hand and Gazebo plugins for simulating contact and pressure sensors on the fingers.

Simulator for Teleoperation

A lightweight simulator with force rendering created with rviz and DART. Provides a training ground for learning robust policies from demonstration with a haptic input device.

Baxter Demo Recorder

A demonstration recorder for the Baxter robot utilizing the button and display interfaces to make it easier to record demonstrations when operating Baxter in gravity compensation mode.

rviz Trajectory Visualization

Package for generating trajectory visualizations in rViz, including dynamic real-time visualizations showing a customizable trace of the robot's end-effector.