Data Logging

I created a logging framework for recording robot data (e.g. robot joint states, force/torque sensor readings, end-effector pose, annotations on the data, etc.). I originally developed a C++ logger for HDF5 format and a Python interface to the database using H5py. However, I started having issues with data corruption/synchronization and sometimes my data would get completely wiped out. I therefore switched to using rosbag and wrote a rosbag converter to extract the data into a Pandas dataframe and pickle the resulting dataframe. Both implemementations are still in the repository since there’s some useful code in the HDF5 version and it took a lot of effort on my end, but the rosbag/Pandas version is the one I actively use.

The code is hosted on the LL4MA Lab’s bitbucket page here.

Adam Conkey
PhD Candidate in Robotics